We offer classes for every level, from fitness enthusiasts to Professional fighters, and each class is capped at 14 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up 10-15 minutes early, or you can pre- register online. Please read the descriptions for each class below and take a look at the class schedule at the bottom of the page.


Muay Thai Beginner, Intermediate, and all levels.

Our beginner classes are designed to introduce you to the sport of Muay Thai and develop core skills. This class focuses largely on form and function. Development of kicking ability, correct punching technique, correct posture and stance, and basic combinations, strategy and defense both with pads and in our Bag Work class. In the Bag Work class you will also be introduced to the idea of conditioning your shins, as the bags provide you with your first experience with hitting a solid target with your shin bone.

Our Intermediate classes are designed to increase the intensity of the physical training, as well as introduce more complex combinations, strategy, and techniques. There will be more time to work on your own where you will be watched and assisted on your technique as you learn to freestyle on the bag.

Our all levels Muay Thai is designed to put both experienced and inexperienced Muay Thai practitioners in the room together. I find it can help to have the person next to you be better in order to have a reference for what you are trying to do. This also introduces beginners to the fighters and coaches and those that just love the sport of Muay Thai.


Barefoot Western Boxing (all levels)

Boxing....but different. This boxing class is a high intensity work out designed to do two things. Get you in shape and prepare your hands for Muay Thai. Slightly different in form from traditional western boxing, taking into consideration the Muay Thai stance and footwork, our head coach, Leyla Leidecker, former NY Boxing Metro’s champ, will help to clean up your hands and movement.

Women's Muay Thai

A women's only Muay Thai class designed to give you a great workout, teach you the fundamentals of Muay Thai, develop camaraderie and unity across the entire women’s gender spectrum. This class is open to women gender identified trans persons as well. Plenty of exercise and technique in this class as well as strength and conditioning. 

Submission Grappling (Beginner)

This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Grappling, especially for use in a mixed martial arts environment. You will learn the basics of controlling an opponent, what is a superior position versus an inferior position, exercises to improve your understanding of movement within a grappling environment, and the basic and classic finishing holds like Armbars, chokes, and key locks.