We offer classes for every level, from fitness enthusiasts to Professional fighters, and each class is capped at 14 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up 10-15 minutes early, or you can pre- register online. Please read the descriptions for each class below and take a look at the class schedule at the bottom of the page.


Muay Thai All Levels

An intense physical and technical class that teaches the details that make Muay Thai different from other combat sports. Big, powerful kicks are taught, long aggressive kneeing, elbow attacks, and the more subtle defense technics absent in other arts.


Western Boxing and Bagwork classes (all levels)

Boxing....but different. This boxing class is a high intensity work out designed to do two things. Get you in shape and prepare your hands for Muay Thai. Slightly different in form from traditional western boxing, taking into consideration the Muay Thai stance and footwork.

Women's Boxing

A women's only boxing class designed to both give you a great workout and teach you the fundamentals of western boxing. Plenty of bagwork and technique in this class as well as strength and conditioning. 

Kickboxing (all levels)

Muay Thai modified to prepare for common kickboxing rules sets, this class focuses more on hand and leg combinations, and lacks the elbows and clinch style from Muay Thai, but adds some of the more effective kicks of other styles like hook and snap kicks, crescent kicks, axe kicks, etc. Not only designed to add unorthodox techniques to your game, but to expose you to them as well to keep a strong sense of timing for anything combat related you may see in a ring. A great fitness class as well as a technical class.