Because they are our future…

Our kids classes are designed to be fun and engaging, while teaching discipline and character through fight concepts. We have a Monday class that is donation based. Because the community matters.

If you would like to sign your kids up, please create a profile for yourself as the parent on our app based system by pressing the MINDBODY ONLINE button below. Once you have created a profile for your self, create a relationship to another person, such as a son, daughter, wife, etc, and then you will be able to pay for that person through our app. For help with the set up, read the instructions below the button or contact us through the contact page and set up an appointment to come in and we can set you up.

How do clients assign relationships in consumer mode?

Your clients have the ability to add their family members to their accounts, select how they are related to each of them (e.g., child, parent, sibling, or spouse), and establish a "pays for" relationship with any family member they wish.

To add family members and establish relationships in consumer mode, clients can log in to their accounts and follow these instructions:

  1. Click the My Info tab.

  2. In the Family Members section, click Add Family Member.


Note: You may need to click the Edit link in the top right corner to make this option appear.

  1. Enter the family member's first and last names, then select the applicable informational relationship type from the menu.

  1. Paid for by: If you want to pay for this family member's classes, enrollments, appointments, and products, select Yes. If you do not wish to pay for this client, tick the No button.

    • Note: Adding a "Pays for" relationship type to a client's account will allow the payer to book and buy pricing options for the payee. To learn more about paying for other clients in consumer mode, click here.

  2. Click Save.