Gay Fight Club

No Judgement.

No Judgement.


It started as a question…

A friend connected me with another friend. And then through friends I was asked, “Can you host my Trans friendly boxing class/safe space at your gym?” I said yes. I didn’t have or see a reason to say no. Probably because there isn’t any.

It’s been over a year and now, and I, along with the learning experience I have gained, and with other wonderful people, are returning a donation based, safe space environment for TRANS/QTPOC/LGBTQ persons.

Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and combat sports in general serve to empower persons. They serve to connect humans with their bodies. To provide a method or methods of self defense to a community in need. And so we will provide. Come join our friendly, fun environment, and learn to fight while your’e at it. Currently we hold classes Thursday nights at 8pm and Saturday afternoons at 2pm