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Beginner Boxing

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An idea was born...

When I first opened my doors, I wanted to dedicate a time slot to something involving donation, while serving my community and society in a positive way. I had already been working with www.stop-pd.org, using boxing to provide physical therapy and psychological healing to persons with Parkinson's disease. Unfortunately, since opening my gym, my schedule would not allow me to commit as much time as I did before to such a wonderful cause. 

And then a good friend, Joss Martinez of MetaBalance connected me with Nola Hanson. An amateur boxer, Nola had a vision of bringing boxing to persons of the transgender, non binary, non conforming communities through a safe space environment provided through Nola's organization, Transboxing Brooklyn. After a simple conversation between the three of us, plans were made and the Transboxing beginner class was born. 

Currently, we are growing at a rapid rate, filling up 2 rooms with 1 hour boxing classes. These classes are open to all transgender, non binary,non conforming persons. We work hard, we train hard, and sometimes we even party hard afterwards. For more information, check out the links to Transboxing Brooklyn and MetaBalance below. To book a class, follow the "Book TR Boxing" below. Thank you for your love and support.

Check out Trans Boxing Brooklyn's class pics by the amazing Desi Sulca-Foote